Month: September 2017

Marriage vendors are one of the most important aspects that come into play during marriages. They are the persons that the bride and groom bank upon in order to please their family, friends and guests for this once in a lifetime occasion. Vendors for food are the most crucial aspect, and we’re going to focus on that in this article.

Weddings are imperfect without food. They can make or break the experience. Do not start emailing caterers without deciding on your food budget. If you have a budget in mind, it makes it easier to see which vendors to target. And if the vendor has an idea about your budget, they can work out what items should go into the menu.

The Byron Bay celebrants at the marriage will likely head to the food tables at the first opportunity. It helps matters if there are drinks as well, for the majority of guests, barring the children will be tipplers at one degree or the other. And you cannot grudge them this small indulgence because they came at your invitation. Secondly, a lot of venues will have a list of their preferred vendors. This proves to be a great starting point for your search. It is indeed a very comforting thought that the vendors are familiar and experienced with the venue and has lived up to high standards in the past. In case you do not like the caterers, ask the venue management if a different caterer, of your choice, can be accommodated. Many venues will want to give approval of vendors, so check with them beforehand.

You should get multiple proposals from the list of various vendors you’ve drawn up. Each vendor will have a different quote and menu. Also remember that cheap is not always the best. While one vendor may be serving truffles at a bargain price, another might be having great all round menus that will satiate your guests better. A headcount of guests is also very important. Visit

A lot of catering companies will require that you buy your own drinks while they provide a bartender. Others will charge you for drinks either on a fixed price or on the total alcohol consumed. See what option works best for you. If you want to buy the drinks yourself, remember that a lot of states will require you to buy a liquor license.

You need to ask for a sampling of the prospective menu. This helps you to gauge the quality of food and at the same time make any tweaks to the menu as you see fit. At the end its you money and you should get what you pay for.