Month: August 2018

If you have gotten engaged, you will probably be thinking about the upcoming wedding (even if you have not yet picked a date for it!) – And find yourself on social media, going through scores of breathtaking pictures. Amongst them, you might have come across plenty of outdoor weddings – and you will likely have been wowed by how utterly magical they look. Of course, a wedding outdoors is a dream come true for many, but unlike indoor weddings, there is a lot more to account for. Are you up to the challenge? If so, read on below to find some of the most helpful tips to make your beach wedding setup:

Have a backup plan – this is probably not what you want to hear as a tip to have a beautiful wedding reception outdoors, but it is also the most important advice you need to hear. A wedding outdoors is unpredictable, and you need a plan to resort to in case something goes wrong – and that plan is often being able to have the reception indoors. This may be the building of the resort or reception hall you hired, or another large hall in the vicinity. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the weather can get bad (even in the beautiful summer months!), so make sure you will have somewhere to move to in case things start to go south.

Think about the guests – another important thing to realize about garden weddings or other outdoors-themed weddings is that your guests won’t be as comfortable if you do not actually pay attention to this. When planning an indoors wedding, this usually means taking the time to think through the menu, make exceptions for guests who have different needs, etc. However, with an outdoor wedding, you need to make sure that your guests won’t be too cold or too hot – depending on when you host your wedding. The summer months can get very hot, whereas autumn and winter weddings can be incredibly cold. Have a relaxed dress code to allow your guests to wear more comfortable clothes, or provide refreshments (either cold or hot, depending on your wedding).

Decorating the wedding – outdoor weddings do not really need a lot of decorations: the outside world is quite beautiful as it is. That being said, you should not entirely skip the decoration process. The key here is a minimalist style, one which takes advantage of the beauty of nature. Keep in mind to properly fix your decorations to their spots, or rogue gusts of wind will send everything flying! If you plan on having tents, for example, make sure they are properly rooted to their spots, and won’t easily tumble over.